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Who We Are

We are a specialized consulting company servicing Health Care Product Manufacturers by ‘Helping Executives Find Practical Solutions to Critical Issues’ through utilizing the most experienced and knowledgeable colleagues and proven methodologies.


We are not theorists - our consulting expertise is based on practical hands-on industry successes in operations; knowledge of the regulations; and sound financial methodologies.


Welcome to Silverback Health Technologies Consulting


Silverback Mission

Silverback consultants provide healthcare industry executives with insightful strategic, tactical and operating support to clarify critical, highly complex issues and to implement affordable solutions.

  • Silverback facilitates our Clients’ making better decisions and taking better organizational actions by offering insights, data, analysis tools and methodologies.
  • Silverback implements new projects and rescues troubled projects critical to our Clients’ success through assembling & managing teams with strong functional capabilities.



Silverback’s Value

We believe that our services can be of significant value to healthcare industry executives for the following reasons:

  • Broad experience- Our solutions add value for our Clients since they are built on decades of hands-on operating experience, rigorous analyses and a lifetime of healthcare industry contacts.
  • History of successes- We are uniquely positioned because we have actually conducted these services before, and often from the operating company perspective. We have a proven track record of managing successful projects and rescuing distressed projects to achieve the original goals
  • Proven methodologies- We have conducted rigorous analyses of acquisitions, development, supply chains, and compliance, and have a toolbox of proven methodologies.
  • Objectivity- Our recommendations are unaffected by internal conventions and biases Also we have the external contacts to ask the questions that the Client’s staff can’t or won’t ask.
  • Experienced dedicated personnel- Unlike a Client’s staff that have their normal function to perform, we will dedicate a senior project team to complete the assignment quickly and efficiently.




Clients call on us to help:

  • Enhance collaboration between research, development and commercialization.
  • Maintain quality and process integrity while controlling costs.
  • Ensure compliance in an increasingly difficult regulatory environment.
  • Resolve regulatory Issues
  • Provide a second opinion.
  • Provide expert personnel to troubleshoot processes
  • Plant / manufacturing rationalization.
  • Get troubled projects back on track.
  • Create innovative solutions.
  • Develop business plans and presentations
  • Assist in obtaining financing




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Silverback Health Technologies Consulting


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